Sunday, June 20, 2004

I have arrived safe and sound

Here I am in Rome and it is a beautiful day, warm with a nice breeze. My flight to London on British Airways was awesome. I was seated in World Traveller Plus which means better than coach but not quite first class. But for me, it's the little things like my tv screen actually pulled out from inside my armrest, plus I had a choice of 18 channels with my own remote, and lots of leg room and I love that baggie they give you with an eyemask, toothbrush/paste, and socks. And a CHOICE for dinner! I was sitting next to a priest who stages ancient plays in the original languages of Latin and Greek...isn't that weird? He's going to Warsaw to stage Trojan Women. The flight from London to Rome was not quite as nice, but still fine. I got my luggage okay and found five other AAR students so the six of us got a taxi for the bargain price of 85 euro total when I had been expecting to pay 40 myself. The Centro is nice, we have a library, computer room, a big classroom, lobby and a beautiful garden. I got a single room and it is way tiny but it will do. I have a nice view of the garden and they put fans in our room so I don't have to buy in to the fan scam that I've heard stories about. After unpacking, taking a much needed shower, and changing, a few of us went for gelato (the first of what I'm sure will be dozens), and for a long walk (the first of which I'm sure will be dozens). We found a park in the neighborhood with a giant birdcage that has a peacock and hen and some ducks, and we walked to the top of the Janiculum Hill to see the famous view of Rome (you can see EVERYTHING). All of that and it's only 6! Soon...dinner. Till tomorrow...ciao.

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