Saturday, July 24, 2004

Forum'ed out

We went to the forum today. Again. For the fourth or fifth time, I've lost count. It hasn't changed, just in case you were wondering. The problem being, our fearless leaders are insistent upon taking things chronologically, so much that today we started at one side of the forum to see one thing, walked all the way to the other side to see another thing, then walked all the way back to the first side to see another thing, and then back to the other side to go to a museum. And it's about 95 degrees outside. I'm all for historical accuracy, but that was a bit silly. And what were we looking at? Some arches. And a basilica. That's it. But the museum was very nice and has a lot of fabulous things in it, including the famous she-wolf statue that is the ultimate symbol for Rome, but this is the ORIGINAL one, in bronze, that dates back to the 600's B.C. And some other stuff too, but it's so hot I can't remember what it was and thankfully I took pictures of all the good stuff so I'll remember. I had lunch there too. A 'Pantheon panini.' How clever. It was a ham and cheese sandwich with some arugula. They love their arugula here. They translate it into English as 'rocket.' I remember the first time I saw that and thought 'What the @#$^@ is rocket???' But now I'm a wisened and worldly traveller and order things with rocket all the time. I think I might be babbling. Maybe I have heat stroke. Maybe I just need a glass of water. Or a nap. I remember a few weeks ago complaining about cold showers, but perhaps one is in order. I don't know. All I know is I must get myself together by 8 p.m. because my good friend Joanne is coming and I'm so excited and it's the weekend and the next thing I have to do for The Program isn't until Monday at 6 p.m. If we can survive the heat, she and I will be living 'la dolce vita' for the next 48 hours. Yay!

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