Monday, July 28, 2008

History of Rome Part One

Forgot to update re: Friday night. The play was hilarious. Five people (Americans), dancing around in tunics and using a variety of props, skits and songs (think SPQR instead of YMCA) to reenact the history of Rome in 40 minutes with the Forum as the backdrop. It was awesome and we all had so much fun. And it was free! By some odd chance, Chris ran into a professor from Syracuse he knew, and about 15 or so of us followed him to his friend's ristorante, Ragno d'Oro (The Golden Spider). We drank vino and tried a variety of pizzas and pastas and had a great time. Afterwards 'Julian Caesar' aka Da Fuhrer, gave us a stern warning that we needed to get back to the apartments right away because of the early meeting time, but Kathy, Ramona, a Russian woman named Tatyana, and I decided that, of course, gelato was necessary. Joe (the guy from Syracuse) pointed us to a great gelato place in the neighborhood (on Via di Serpente) and I had a scoop of rhum and a scoop of caffe. Very fun night!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Amy, I just came home for lunch and the first thing I did was check your blog and was rewarded with the "History of Rome Part One". You're making me hungry!!!! I love you! MOM XOXOXO