Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lab Day Four and the Best Dinner Yet

We spent today (almost nine hours of it) learning Adobe Dreamweaver which is a website creation tool. It is quite complicated and I was tired from the weekend. Plus it was hot in the lab, so a lot of it just shot over my head, which is fine, because at the end of the day Kathy and a French guy named Cedric explained that there is a much easier way. I figured there had to be. So the day was kind of a loss. I thought it was going to be just Kathy and I for dinner but suddenly our doorbell/intercom thingie rang, which was fun in its own right, because we didn't know how to answer it. While Kathy went downstairs, I ran around the apartment trying to figure it out. She beat me to it, but I did eventually find the phone hanging on the wall in the kitchen which, voila, is not a phone. It was Chris and Ramona coming by to see what we were doing. I had read about this place in a guidebook and was intrigued by the fact that the theme of the restaurant is the seven deadly sins so I threw it out as a strong suggestion. We were so successful! We managed to find the restaurant online, call them to make sure they were open, and then find it easily on the edge of the Trastevere neighborhood. We almost didn't get in - we went around 9 and the restaurant was empty but they asked if we had a reservation, which we did not. They let us have a table, and within an hour, the place was packed. It was very cute, and you can see the seven sins paintings on the website. We were seated at "lust." OMG what a dinner we had. It was truly magnificent and the only reason it's not making my top 10 dinners of all time list is because Chris wasn't there. The waitress began by bringing us each a glass of prosecco to start. There was an a la carte menu and two tastings. Ramona and I ordered the "gluttony" tasting menu which featured meat: first, a platter of three different types of ham and bruschetta; second, fresh mozzarella wrapped in Italian bacon and fried; third, pasta tossed with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil; fourth, two brochettes (kabobs) of perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked black-and-blue steak and roasted potatoes with rosemary; and finally, the dolce - a mini dark chocolate mousse paired with a dish of vanilla gelato with warm coffee over it. It was an amazing feast and to top it off, I splurged on a bottle of 2004 Tignanello which was an ideal pairing. Kathy and Chris both ordered the "pride" tasting menu which featured fish: first, a platter of octopus and tuna carpaccio and bruchetta; second, tiny little shrimp in a lemony cream sauce; third, penne tossed in pesto with grilled prawns; fourth "gilthead" (some sort of fish) with orange sauce and the same potatoes we had; and they got the same dessert. They went for a white wine which they really loved. It was unbelievable and I believe I have now officially become the restaurant guide for the group. People here are so envious of our gastronomic adventures, and I bet you are too, as you should be --- wink kiss. Ciao!

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