Saturday, August 02, 2008

Rome versus Home or Why I'd Move Here If I Won the Powerball

Home: Starbucks on every corner. Anything you order costs at least $3.50.
Rome: Locally owned cafes with any kind of coffee you would ever want for less than $1 on every corner.

Home: The poop-streak(s) left by the last person in the lav.
Rome: Plastic toilet brushes left next to EVERY toilet so you can clean up your own mess and spare your neighbor.

Home: Feminine deodorant spray.
Rome: Bidets.

Home: Low-carb diets.
Rome: Eating bread, pasta and wine yet still being in shape.

Home: Mini-vans and SUVs.
Rome: Vast and easy to use public transportation system,s Vespa and SmartCars.

Home: Thinking Boston is old.
Rome: Walking in the footsteps of Caesar.

Home: Buying bottled water.
Rome: Carrying a bottle and refilling it from fountains flowing with fresh spring water.

Home: Botox.
Rome: Daily walks.

Home: Lipitor.
Rome: Red wine.

Home: Hating people who don't speak "the" language.
Rome: Helping people practice when they try to learn your language.

Home: Stiff handshakes or uncomfortable hugs.
Rome: A hug AND a kiss on both cheeks.

Home: Ginormous portions and doggie-bags full of leftovers that more often than not get thrown away.
Rome: Portions that are the exact size you can eat. The translation for "doggie-bag" is "sacco di cane," or "sack of dog." You can only imagine what the Italian waiter thinks you are ordering.

Home: The workday's 20-minute lunch which includes getting and eating your food as well as doing any personal hygiene.
Rome: The workday's 3-hour lunch including two courses with wine and a siesta.

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Anonymous said...

Aha, three blogs in one day including delicious food, wine, culture, opera, ruins, soirees---help< you're making me so hungry.
What a life! If you move to Rome, I'm coming for a permanent visit.

Love Always, MOM XOXOXO