Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Day of Rest

I gave myself the day off on Sunday. I did some laundry, watched TV (horror!), read a little and napped a lot. Went out to The Morgue pizza place (see earlier post) and had some fritte fiori di zucci, arancini, and pizza quattro formaggio. Had a gelato on the way home and stopped to visit Mike the florist to say goodbye. Not much else to say about that so here are some random musings I've had lately:

Americans who walk into a Tuscan restaurant asking for pepperoni pizza should stay home and order Domino's.

Americans who expect lunch to take 15 minutes should go to McDonald's. They have those here.

Seeing the same cute old man on the tram everyday makes me feel like I belong here. I love how his pants are up to his chin.
The best thing about being in Rome in late July/early August is the SALDI! (sales)

Eating all this good food is not conducive to buying clothes meant to fit Italian women.

The dollar-to-euro ratio totally sucks right now.

Italian deodorant does not work.

Italians stink but they don't really sweat.

I could never walk down cobblestone streets or drive a Vespa in stilettos.

The shoes make the tourist.

My feet hurt.

I heart gelato.

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